Star Alliance

Star Alliance Food & Services is a privately owned wholesaler and distributor specializing in the import and export of a diverse line of food and related products.

We offer a complete range of top quality products and related support services such as logistics and financing. Our past and future success will always rest on our ability to meet our customer’s needs in an efficient, competitive and quality manner. We value our team members, our adaptive capacity and the integrity with which we conduct our business.

Our past, present and future are linked by a strong culture and a commitment to growth, by exceeding our customers’ expectations and through strong partnerships with our suppliers. Through the dedication, skills and ambition of our team that we continue to flourish and make the difference in the supply chain.

Our extensive range of products are those that can be found in found in the major supermarkets, including most popular American, European and Gulf Brands allowing us to offer high levels of quality and also a broad price range in support of customers from specialty caterers and hotels to markets and mini marts alike.

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Our quality products

Fresh Fruits
Our selections of fruits range from the standard to exotic and are focused on freshness and flavor.
Fresh Fruits
Fresh Fruits
Fresh Vegetables
Offering the finest vegetables from prime sources around the globe to bring to your kitchen garden fresh quality.
Essential ingredients and brand favorites, our extensive selection focuses on choice of selection when stocking your kitchen.
Fresh Fruits
Fresh Fruits
Whether stand-alone or ingredient use, you will find our selection of dairy to be the highest quality and freshness for taste and cooking functionality.
Choose from the finest beef qualities brought in from the US, EU and Australia and ranging from the feed, range, cut selection you desire.
Fresh Fruits
Fresh Fruits
Choose from fresh or frozen poultry. Our variety of product offerings ensure you can find the quality product needed for your next dish.
Premium selection of the most popular imported seafood in the market. From fresh to frozen and from fish, oyster, crab or lobster; you can find your products here.
Fresh Fruits
Fresh Fruits
Complimenting meals with a choice beverage is paramount, our offerings range from the finest teas and coffees to the most popular soda and juices.
Choose from the most popular products and brands ranging from cookies, cakes, candies, chips and other products sure to delight your taste buds.
Fresh Fruits
Fresh Fruits
Recognizing that customers often need a one-stop shop we compliment our food products with an extensive offering of food related equipment’s.
Offering a variety of essential supplies ranging from hygienic, utensils and standards consumables keeping your kitchen stocked with all you need.
Fresh Fruits
A selection of our brands
Our Suppliers
Our Suppliers
A selection of our clients
  • Subway
  • On the Run Cafeteria
  • Fly-aia
  • Hotels
  • Catering Companies
  • Trading Companies
  • Supermarkets
  • Le Jardin de Taimani
  • Finest Group
  • Haseeb Supermarket
  • Af Spinneys
  • Wholesale Markets
  • Convenience stores
  • Food Service Companies
  • Jabal Al Sowan
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